Saturday, July 4, 2015

The American Dream ...

A great Suzanne beret with ribbon work and a fabulous hat box!
The American Dream is different for everyone. For me, the American Dream is five things really:
1) To have a great family who is happy, healthy and comfortable. I have all that now although when I was younger we weren't so comfortable (money wise) but we were healthy and happy, so 2 out of 3 ain't bad.
2) To have a nice home. I have this now and I appreciate my humble abode (it's not a mc mansion but its not a hovel either)
3) To have great friends and people who care about me.
4) To have a great job that I love that ensures I can pay the bills and still be able to have nice things. 
5) To have nice things! I don't need a lot of nice and/or expensive things, just a few. But my American Dream does not ensure I can just spend my hard earned cash willy-nilly. No, my American Dream ensures that I save some money so I can really appreciate my nice things once I've bought the,. I mean, who really appreciates things they haven't worked for? I saved money to buy my American Dream hat (a Suzanne Couture Hat, photo above) and I absolutely appreciate it more!

What is your American Dream this Fourth of July?

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