Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tea for two (or more) ...

Linda Suter Events puts on a great tea party! Complete with Mrs. DC America and classy women dressed in hats!Even the event location was classy! The Tea Cart in Berryville, VA.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

#REDFriday, Remember Everyone Deployed!

I have a lot of military friends. Some of them have deployed, some are currently deployed and some have deployed so many times they don't know if they are coming or going. I have vowed to wear RED (an acronym for Remember Everyone Deployed) every Friday until the actual "Wear RED Day" Dec. 11. I encourage you to pull out all the lovely hues of red from your closet and join me each Friday. If you really want to help our deployed troops (and civilians, who also deploy), you can send care packages via

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Scary times in the office ...

I view Halloween as a time when I can dress up in costumes of people or things I want to be. Now seriously, who ACTUALLY wants to be a zombie? First of all, you think your body odor is bad after a workout at the gym, there ain't enough Axe or Old Spice in the world to cover up zombie stench so good luck getting a date as a zombie. But dressing up as a hippy 70s chic (above) in an office environment is sensible and fun. A few things not to wear for Halloween in an office setting:
  • Anything that takes up your cubicle space and someone else's (e.g. a hoop skirt from a Victorian era dress, a wide brimmed hat)
  • Gloves or long nails -- These are difficult to type or work in and believe it or not, you are still required to get work done on Halloween (if its a work day)
  • Anything that would scare children if you work in an environment that sees children -- Believe it or not, some children see no enjoyment in being scared (speaking of that, some adults see no joy in it either, me included)
  • Going with less -- No, it is not appropriate to go barefooted as Tarzan or wear a bikini top as a mermaid.