Sunday, November 1, 2015

Scary times in the office ...

I view Halloween as a time when I can dress up in costumes of people or things I want to be. Now seriously, who ACTUALLY wants to be a zombie? First of all, you think your body odor is bad after a workout at the gym, there ain't enough Axe or Old Spice in the world to cover up zombie stench so good luck getting a date as a zombie. But dressing up as a hippy 70s chic (above) in an office environment is sensible and fun. A few things not to wear for Halloween in an office setting:
  • Anything that takes up your cubicle space and someone else's (e.g. a hoop skirt from a Victorian era dress, a wide brimmed hat)
  • Gloves or long nails -- These are difficult to type or work in and believe it or not, you are still required to get work done on Halloween (if its a work day)
  • Anything that would scare children if you work in an environment that sees children -- Believe it or not, some children see no enjoyment in being scared (speaking of that, some adults see no joy in it either, me included)
  • Going with less -- No, it is not appropriate to go barefooted as Tarzan or wear a bikini top as a mermaid.

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