Friday, January 15, 2016

Happy Hat Day!!

I fear I have but one head in which to wear a hat on #NationalHatDay, January 15. Little is known about the origin of Hat Day (which is always Jan. 15 apparently) but do we really need a reason to wear a hat? I think not. But, if you are someone who needs a reason, here are 5:

  1. Hats keep you warm -- its a proven fact that more heat escapes the body through the head than any other part of the body (although my family swear all the hot air in my body escapes through my mouth -- I talk a lot). Why do you think babies are always wearing hats?
  2. Hats can make you look elegant, unique. Why do you want to look just like everyone else?
  3. Hats cover your hair when you have a bad hair day. I have those often!
  4. Ladies who wear hats with veils (a fancy hat) don't have to worry as much about make-up. I'd save tons of money on make up!
  5. Everyone looks good in a hat -- even pets! Just Google "photos of pets in hats" for some great proof! For those who say you don't look good in a hat, you just haven't found the right hat. Keep looking.

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