Monday, June 8, 2015

#BestFriendsDay ... thank your buddies for the little things

Best Friends, who could live without them? They are the ones who tell you when you need to watch what you eat, get a manicure or need a new pair of shoes. So, today, on National Best Friends Day, I want to thank my besties for the following:

  • Never letting me leave the house in sweats
  • Always reminding me that there are plenty of fish in the toilet (actually, that is my sister's saying for "there are plenty of guys out there")
  • Never allowing me to binge buy the latest fad (i.e. sparkly purple tube tops)
  • Always letting me bitch about my work, jerks, family, etc without taking it too seriously
  • Reminding me to take care of my skin so I still look 35 when I'm 60
  • Having my back and, when a boyfriend dumps me, I lose a job or any other horrible thing that happens to me, comforts me with manicures and window shopping
  • Reassuring me that my new hair cut looks good
  • Never letting me drunk dial an ex
  • Reminding me that I am a valuable woman 
  • Loving me for who I am, not what I can do for them or give them
So, what do you want to thank your best friend for today? 

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