Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fashion can sometimes hurt ...

A clothes steamer burn. Hey it looks like the Eiffel Tower, that is Parisian and that is fashionable right?
People think that fashion is all glitzy runways, glamorous models and rich celebrities. The real truth behind fashion is that it is hard, sometimes painful, work. Models are constantly scrutinized for their looks, weight, actions, etc. Try doing this critiquing in a normal office environment and you would win a roundtrip ticket to the HR office for sensitivity training! But it is completely acceptable in the fashion world. Behind the scenes, barely-paid show organizers and designers' unpaid interns as well as a slew of volunteers are busy prepping clothes, props, accessories, backdrops, etc. for the show. Most of the time, they get through a show with only a few needle pricks from last minute hemming or blisters from ill-fitting shoes. But sometimes, they get worse injuries like deep cuts from opening boxes with box cutters,  burning their arm with a steamer, or knocked unconscious after being hit in the head with a flying stiletto. Just remember, when you attend fashion shows, what you see walking down the runway is not the whole picture. There are a lot of behind the scenes activities that go into making those clothes look fabulous. Respect!

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