Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The LLB (little lace bolero) ...

While I usually don't go for disposable (also called fast clothing), I got this cute LLB from Amazon for less than $15 including shipping.

I work a lot, I mean like "workaholic" a lot. So, my wardrobe absolutely must be interchangeable for 90% of my occasions. I have recently picked up a little accessory that makes going from gloomy work attire to glamorous nightlife style possible. The Little Lace Bolero (LLB). I mean, you can get one in practically any color! It hides those "bye-bye" arms (you know, the flabby arms that keep waving goodbye even when your hand has stopped the wave) and it can take the night chill off your shoulders. The best part? One size usually fits all! Seen in the photo above is a simple gray Anne Klein work dress that just hours before my soiree was worn with a matching gray suit jacket. Add the LLB and voila, instant chic! So, when you are one of those unfortunate souls (like me) who has to work on New Years Eve, think about adding a LLB to your boring work clothes to spiff things up and ring in the new year in style!

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