Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Yes Virginia, there is holiday classiness ...

The holiday season (from Thanksgiving through Boxing Day, Dec. 26) is meant to be a time of good cheer, love, forgiveness, and acts of charity. No ladies, dating the local loser is not considered an act of charity. I tried that rationale in my 20s. Ladies, let's practice a little decorum, dress the way you want to be treated and leave the fantasy dress-up costumes for Halloween. Seriously,  leave the sexy "Elf on a Shelf", back on the shelf and send slutty Mrs. Santa packing back to the North pole. Have some class this holiday season. 

Contrary to popular belief, acting and dressing like a lady will not set women back decades in the equality movement. I wish someone had told me in my 20's that dressing like a hooker would get me treated like a hooker. But dressing like a stylish and fashionable lady will get me treated like a lady. Of course, I'm assuming the people we are hanging out with are ladies and gentlemen and not thugs, tramps and jerks. If you are frequently in the company of the aforementioned thugs, tramps and jerks, it really doesn't matter what you wear, you'll get treated like a thug, tramp and/or jerk (this begs a much more serious question -- why the hell are you hanging out with jerks?).

Bottom line, feel free to party hearty this holiday season but keep it classy!  If your skirt is too short to dance in without seeing your jingle bell undies or you have to pull up your blouse to cover cleavage at a holiday dinner table, you are tacky. And trust me, Santa Claus is watching! Speaking of classy, next week I will give you my opinion on tacky, themed lingerie as Christmas presents. 

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