Saturday, June 4, 2016

I'm a snob ...

I was recently called a snob by a "friend" who found my taste in clothes "snobbish." Now, I could have countered her quip with something like "I'm not a snob, I just have good taste." But I refuse to make excuses for my 5 top beliefs about clothes, which are:
  1. Quality will always win over quantity (cheaply-made clothes have no place in my heart or against my skin)
  2. I do not follow trends and fads (the grunge look and bell bottoms may be back in style but they will not be in my closet)
  3. I will not be influenced by celebrities ( I don't care what Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala)
  4. I will not be a walking billboard for designer brands (in other words, I won't be wearing "Juicy," "Nike," or any other words across my ass on a pair of sweatpants and even if I LOVE a designer, I will not be wearing Chanel's "CC" or the Nike swoosh if it is bigger than a dime anywhere on my body)
  5. Fast fashion is for my wardrobe as fast food is for my waistline (i.e. not good at all!)
That said, let me explain the reason I was called a snob. I found a nifty website called which links luxury consignment boutiques online so I can just shop in one place. It's a step above in luxury than which I profiled a few weeks ago. #Snobswap has the largest selection of luxury designer goods online from consignment shops across the nation. For example, I recently saw some pre-owned Jil Sanders sandals (originally a few hundred dollars when they are brand new) on sale for $75 which would have been a steal had they not been so worn. And they have a great selection of my favorite designers: Catherine Malandrino, Betsey Johnson and Diane von Furstenberg.

As with any other store, you can sometimes get good deals on both #SnobSwap and #ThredUp but then sometimes you don't. You have to read the descriptions of each of the items and you do have to do your research (e.g. a #Hermes purse will run you a thousand dollars or more USED, but they will last forever -- a zombie Apocalypse wouldn't hurt these purses; on the other hand Louis Vuitton has not been very kind to me in the past in the wear-n-tear department).

Anyway, because I was shopping on #SnobSwap instead of #ThredUp, my friend called me a snob. Well, I guess I am! Aren't you?

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