Sunday, March 22, 2015

It takes a fashionable village … part one

I always knew it took a village to raise children but never thought the same concept would apply to fashion. I was privileged to be able to attend the DC Fashion Week (DCFW) Designers Trunk Show March 21 and found this little cliche to be absolutely true. It takes not only the designers who create gorgeous clothes to dress the fashionable, it takes all the members of the fashion village (as I like to call it).  Browsing the booths at the DCFW Trunk Show vendor's fair, I got wonderful fashion advice nuggets from seasoned professionals in the "Fashion village". Here are a few of my favorites:

The jewelry experts:
Kerem Kabatas, owner of Ke Bella (handmade jewelry from Turkish artisans), who reminded me that jewelry can be delicate and make a statement.
Doniele Ayres, a consultant with TraciLynn Jewelry (unique and vibrant creations), who said jewelry must be "fun, affordable and fashionable."
Tarsha Howard, owner of ToRaDiMo Jewelry (named for Tarsha's daughter), explained that "her creations were global elegance because they offer something for everyone."
LaNorma Huggins-Hopes, owner of Signatures by LaNorma (handcrafted one-of-a-kind loveliness), instilled the thought that couture jewelry need not have a couture price tag.
Kristin Biggs, independent stylist at Stella & Dot (she also goes by "Star Stylist"), claims that DCFW is like a family as she has participated in the show for years and its always wonderful meeting new people and helping them pick just the right piece of jewelry for their style.

The Accessory Gurus:
Cola Key, CEO of Shade Whore Boutique (yes, that really is her name and that really is the store's name -- fun, huh?),  said "We are trendy for less for the everyday chic" and was shameless when she reminded me that its ok to be a sunglasses whore. What kind of whore did you think I meant? Get your mind out of the gutter!
Michelle Hart, owner of House of Mimi (also known as Mimi the Maverick), is living proof that fashionable people are charitable people. Not only does Mimi sell fabulous scarves, glasses, jewelry and trinkets but she hosts a contest each year that gives an at-risk young lady (who is is doing really well in school academically) an entire prom wardrobe and even outfits the girl's date! "We need to let these girls who are excelling academically that the community cares."
Kelly Cole, owner of Accessorize Your Look (who had a snake necklace that I better get for Christmas, hint, hint), really made a huge impression on me. When asked if her items were handmade, she replied honestly, "it is handmade, just not by my hands." Being able to trust my fashion gurus is paramount and Kelly won my business!

There is always one unique village member who marches to the beat of their own drum. That is usually me, but at the DCFW Trunk Show vendor's fair it is Julie Jay Dawson. She designs whimsical things like cherry blossom trees and ladies wearing hats (you know she won me over with that one) and places her designs on linens, tablecloths, tote bags, shirts and wall paper. She is a surface pattern designer and artist whose skills are certainly going to take the fashion village by storm!

Tune in next time when I introduce you to the clothing designers of DCFW Trunk Show!

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