Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It takes a fashionable village … part two

It's official, I'm a snob. A bespoke snob. I can't help it! When you shop at ready to wear places which think all women are herded into a few categories of small, medium, large, etc., then have a dress tailor made (bespoke if you will), there is a tendency to become a bespoke snob.

I just went to the movie Kingsmen in which there is a scene between Merlin (actor, Mark Strong) and the young, street-smart, wanna-be spy Eggsy (actor, Taron Egerton). Eggsy asks Merlin, "do you think the suit will fit?" Merlin replies to the absolutely absurd question with, "A bespoke suit always fits."

In part two of my "fashion village" analogy let me introduce you to the bespoke and couture designers of DC Fashion Week's Trunk Show which was held in Arlington March 21.

MAKASON: Maryland -- African designs with contemporary western flare using gorgeous, unique fabrics. 

- Sera Vero Nik: DC -- Lovely African-inspried clothing by designer Fruwah Boma Chapman, a military spouse and mom.

SJB Millinery: Virginia -- Beautiful one-of-a-kind headpieces and hats for lovely, discerning people.

Styles by Hakeemah: DC -- A hijab designer and modesty fashion blogger/stylist creating stunning yet modest women's fashions.

Svelte Couture: DC -- Stunning couture and ready-made styles for every woman. 

B. Benton by BrittanyDC -- Classy couture made for the chic woman for comfort, luxury and practicality.

ITES INTERNATIONAL: New York -- Irresistible Reggae, Rastafarian and African inspired clothing. 

ItsyBitsy Swim: DC -- Fresh, unique swim styles that bring the Caribbean to you.

LAMESA: Maryland -- Incredibly comfortable and stylish organic cotton clothing for the eco-friendly fashion minded. 

Leighel Desiree: DC -- Fabulous fashion creations for men and women using a vast array of colors.

Magnum UnderwearDC --  Designed by a former NASA engineer, these men's underwear are scientifically engineered for maximum comfort. 

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