Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Historic elegance ...

I like consignment store shopping and often find the neatest things amongst others cast offs. This weekend, I was at a fabulous consignment shop in Virginia and found this Gobelins Art purse complete with purse cover for storing the purse when not in use. A little history on Gobelins so that you really appreciate the craftsmanship that has evolved into this purse (so cheaply priced at $89 and in mint condition). The Gobelins family were Parisian fabric dyers who established a factory in the 15th century. King Henry IV rented space in that factory for his Flemish tapestry makers so the Gobelins learned the art. The Gobelins factory still stands today and throughout its 500+ years has produced works of arts that hang in the world's most noted art galleries and historical places. Of course this purse is not from the Gobelins factory but a replica by one of the leading reproduction houses in France. All this grand history for such a tiny handbag!

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