Monday, August 17, 2015

Unique, elegant accoutrements ...

Artisan Confections
I like style in practically everything I wear, am and do -- from the clothes on my back to the places I visit to the food I eat. When I found these stylish, fashionable chocolates at Artisan Confections in Merrifield, Virginia, I fell in love. Like the old saying goes, good (and I'll add, fashionable) things often come in small packages! So what a better stylish and elegant accoutrement to your wardrobe than these tiny masterpieces in chocolate. I'm pretty sure I have a blouse in that exact striped pattern as the chocolate on the bottom right corner of the box :-)


  1. Ahh those are almost too pretty to eat!


    1. Almost Sarah, I managed to find a way to eat them :-) BTW, love your blog!