Friday, March 4, 2016

Fashion show versus fashion week ...

DC Fashion Week occurs twice a year in February and September (Photo by ICDesignz).
There is a distinct different between a fashion show and a fashion week.

A fashion show is simply an outlet for a designer to show their new collection (anywhere between 15-50 different outfits or pieces). A fashion show can also be an event where many designers get together to show their styles to a general audience. Additionally, fashion shows can be fundraisers for charities such as, but not limited to, the Humane Society, cancer research or homelessness awareness. As a general rule, anyone who purchases a ticket may attend a fashion show.

Fashion Week is something altogether different. It is quite exclusive and serves a very unique purpose -- to show designers' collections to major store buyers and major magazine editors first. If you look at the four main Fashion Weeks -- New York, London, Milan, Paris, (along with some of the smaller ones -- Hong Kong, Quebec, Houston and Los Angeles), you will of course see the mainstream celebrities in attendance but you will not (usually) see the Jane Does of the world sitting in the audience. This is a selling event and the average Jane Q. Public is not necessarily the primary audience for these events. Of course, Jane Q. Public will eventually see some of the styles from the fashion weeks' catwalks in their favorite retail stores. Fashion Week styles are like getting to eat the cake but not getting an invite to the party.

Want more info on fashion shows in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area? Read my article in the Fairfax Woman Magazine here (page 34).

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