Monday, February 29, 2016

Gloves: A #LeapDay fashion tradition ...

Lavabre Cadet is one of the oldest couture glove makers in the world.

Causse Gantier is fabulous glove maker!
Happy Leap Day everyone! Yes, its that day (which only comes around every four years) where ladies can propose to men instead of the other way around. You've got the ring, you're dressed to impress your (hopefully) soon-to-be fiancé, and you've popped the question. He said yes, yay! Now on with the wedding planning (which is another blog altogether).

But what if he said no? Since this tradition of women being able to propose to men on #LeapDay has been in existence for hundreds of years, you better believe there are some consequences to deal with if a man says no. Something about Hell having no fury like a woman scorned. Legend has it that if a man refuses a marriage proposal on #LeapDay (also known as #BachelorsDay)  then he has to buy the spurned lady 12 pairs of gloves -- one for each month of the year -- so she could hide her shame (mainly her left-hand ring finger). During the middle ages, there were apparently even laws that governed this tradition. So, if I see lots of ladies wearing gloves tomorrow, March 1, I'll show extra kindness toward them.

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