Saturday, February 13, 2016

DIY Valentines Day ...

I'm old enough to know that I can't always depend on a significant other (SO) to buy me a #HappyValentinesDay gift every February 14. So, I usually just buy myself something. This way, it's just a bonus if the SO gets me something. This year, I'm giving something away for this romantic holiday. My lovely blog readers will get the chance to win this funny but insightful book by logging onto my #Amazongiveaway. I mean, who doesn't love fashion and style coming from one of the most romantic cities on earth (Paris of course)? And if you don't win the book in my #Amazongiveaways go ahead, buy it for yourself, you deserve it! Just think, a Valentines gift that didn't die like flowers, make you fat  like candy or that you didn't have to sacrifice sleep for like "appreciation sex"! 

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