Saturday, February 20, 2016

The only 7 words you want to hear today ...

The #AbFab Movie is coming July 1st ... 

That's right. The Absolutely Fabulous Movie, starring Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders, will be released July 1 according to the BBC. And before you go correcting my grammar, to the cult that is #AbFab, #AbFab is only one word -- sometimes, its the most important word of the day! 

I loved watching the AbFab series on BBC America around the turn of the century (the 2000's that is). And loved it even more when they gave us a few more episodes in 2012 after a decade hiatus. Now, after four years, we get the #AbFabMovie! Of course, this got me to thinking. While the ladies of AbFab are absolutely fabulous (and funny) to watch, we really don't want to mimic their styles today do we? Let me explain:
Patsy (Joanna Lumley, 69) always wore Chanel suits and her hair in a french twist with too much lipstick and heels. I don't remember an episode without her dressed this way. Do you really want to stay in a style rut the rest of your life like Patsy? There is something to be said about sticking with the classics but everyone needs a little updated style boost now and then, right? Joanna's off screen "normal" style is very classic but updated as you can see in this photo right. Thank goodness she doesn't adhere to her character's stagnant fashion sense! 

Eddy (Jennifer Saunders, 57), on the other hand, is always chasing the latest fashion trend, never satisfied with what she has. Of course, there is merit to wanting to be up-to-date and fashion concious but Eddy takes it a bit too far all the time. Contrary to her crazy #AbFab character Eddy, Jennifer is very elegantly style (most often in darker colors though) yet still trendy as seen in this photo left. 

So, what I am saying is that we should all strive to be a style maven who is one part consistent Patsy, one part trendsetting Eddy, one part classic Joanna and one part elegant Jennifer. 

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