Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prepping for the new season ...

I am so excited when the new season is right around the corner. I don't know about you but I am so ready (well, almost ready, I need to lose about 10 more pounds) to shed these thick winter garments and get into lighter frocks. But I have the dilemma of small closets (I also believe in a limited wardrobe like the French). So, I have the challenge of cleaning my closet once a year of things that I bought on a whim (yes, even clothes-minimalists like me can be persuaded into buying unnecessary stuff).

Enter ThredUp  -- its a new way to thrift shop. Normally I don't like those FaceBook pop up ads but this one actually proved useful! I am a firm believer in recycling clothes. ThredUp gives me the opportunity to thrift shop from my house in my PJs. First, I pack up all my stuff that I don't want (NOTE: it has to be like-new, clean, within 5 years old) into this handy-dandy green polka-dotted bag (see the one above) sent to my doorstep for free and the postal carrier picks it up. Then, whatever they buy from me goes to a credit account for me to shop on the ThredUp store.
I'm not doing free advertising for ThredUP or anyone else, I just think its a pretty cool idea. Because: 

1) the company sends you a free bag to fill (trust me, I filled that bad boy to the brim!)
2) they buy what they want or what they think they can resell (if its a really expensive item they consign it for you instead of give you $$$ for it up front)
3) they either donate the unwanted items to a charity or you pay $12.99 to get the unwanted items back. The only reason I paid the $12.99 to get the items back is because when you choose the "donate to charity option" with ThredUp, the company gets the tax write off to charity instead of you. I'd rather donate any unwanted items to the charities I choose.

So far, this process has worked pretty well! Yes, look for those #AnneKlein shoes on #ThredUp in the next month or so (not worn much because I have a Fred Flintstone wide foot and those are normal width).

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