Thursday, April 23, 2015

Carrying stuff on the Metro ...

I travel on the D.C. Metro every day to work and while I see a plethora of fake luxury handbags and carry-alls (I've seen my fare share of Kate Spade, Coach, Louis Vuitton and Channel) there are occasionally those very rare bags that grab my attention. Yesterday was a treat because I saw three in one day! From the top photo they are: 1) The indestructible purse, available on, is  made of seatbelt straps in different colors -- the same straps that they use for parachuting and jet plane ejection seats so you know these straps won't be destroyed by a little nail file at the bottom of your purse. 2) The trendy carry-all bag is made by Hex and is a great striped denim but has classic leather strongholds that make it  traditionally stylish and really durable -- durable enough for a laptop, a week's worth of paperwork and your running shoes. 3) Now I wouldn't wear this reinforced plastic backpack, made by Solid Gray, with my Brooks Brothers white button down shirt and J. Crew black trousers but it does make a statement doesn't it? I just liked the fact that it is really fun and durable -- I doubt you would rip this bag's lining with the stray pen or nail clippers!

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