Sunday, April 26, 2015

That crafty Smithsonian ...

Jeung-Hwa Park
Kate Cusack
Wendy Stevens
Ashley Buchanan

Karen Morris

I attended the Smithsonian Craft Show at the National Building Museum Friday and all I can say is I wish I was a billionaire. The jewelry, the clothes, the housewares, the sculptures, the paintings, the purses, the art and of course, the hats. Here are a few of my favorite fashion artists from the show: 

Kate Cusack -- Talk about up cycling. Kate takes zippers (they are new but she could use old ones if need be) and makes fabulous jewelry out of it. I just could not resist buying one of her zipper brooches (see the photo).

The Cordwainer Shop Ltd. -- These handmade shoes (yes, you heard me correctly, HANDMADE SHOES) from Deerfield, New Hampshire, are exquisite and unique. If you are looking for quality shoes that will last a lifetime, you need a pair of these snazzy oxfords.

Jeung-Hwa Park -- This Providence, Rhode Island fiber artists makes some of the most stunning silk and yarn scarves you can find on the market. Trendy and stylish for any age (see photo).  If you want a great scarf, e-mail her at

Grau -- This Hollywood, California, fashion designer's collection is nothing short of brilliant with vibrant colors and phenomenal lines (see photo). Check them out at

Ashley Buchanan Jewelry -- These gorgeous yet simple hand cut pieces go with practically anything (see photo)!

Wendy Stevens -- What this woman does for purses should be entered in a museum (oh wait, it just was!). Wendy takes stainless steel, punches it full of beautiful holes that resemble leaves, flowers and snowflakes, adds that steel to leather and voila, a purse (see photo)! You must visit her website at

Karen Morris -- This Minnesota based milliner sculpts the most beautiful felt, sinamay, straw, silk and tulle creations for your head. Her fascinators and hats are worth every penny (see photo).

Heather U. Widener -- The gems on these gems are exquisite. Heather's jewelry is enviable but affordable.

Bound Earth -- Andrea Williams' (Cohasset, Massachusetts) stone inspired jewelry is realistic and beautiful.

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